Veterans Memorial at Veterans Memorial Park



Leesburg, Lake County Florida






Q  Who can be on the Memorial wall or the Vietnam Memorial Wall?

A  ALL Veterans of Lake, Sumter and Marion counties, living or deceased that have received an Honorable, Medical or in some cases a General Discharge and have served at least 90 days may be on the Memorial Wall. The same applies for the Vietnam Memorial Wall with one exception; you must have served "In Country" during the war. For either wall, you must also be a permanent resident as shown by your voter's registration card.


Q  Is there a charge for putting the name on the Memorial wall or Vietnam Memorial Wall?

A  The cost to have your name engraved on the Memorial wall is $35.00 and the cost for the Vietnam Memorial Wall is $20.00.


Q  Is there a limit to the size of the name?

A  Yes, you can only use first name, middle initial and last name. No nicknames, rank, etc.


Q  What if the Veteran was in the service but not during the wars?

A  All veterans can be on the wall regardless if they were in the war's or not. However, they must have been in the service at least 90 days and have received an honorable or medical discharge.


Q  What do I need to prove he/she was or still is in the service?

A  You need to supply us with a copy of the Veterans Form DD 214 or DD 215 or a WD AGO form. If you are still in the service we need a copy of your ID card.


Q   Can members of the National Guard or the Reserves be included on the wall?

A   Yes, if they meet the same date criteria as the other Veterans as listed above. They would need to supply us with a copy of their DD 214 and Voters Registration Card. If not they can purchase a brick.


Q  Can a member of the Merchant Marine be on the Memorial?

A  Yes if they served aboard ship during the Second World War.


Q  Went I went into the service I was a resident of  Lake-Sumter-Marion Counties and The Villages but I no longer live here, can I be on the Wall?      

A  Yes, if your DD 214 shows that you entered service from Lake-Sumter-Marion Counties and The Villages OR it shows that when you were discharged your new permanent address was in Lake-Sumter-Marion Counties and The Villages. No other information would be needed.   


Q  I can't find my DD214. What do I do now?

A  Click on the following National Archives web site link and it will direct you on how to get your DD 214:


Q  Where do I bring the copy of the DD 214, DD 215 or WD and the voting registration card?

A  You can bring it to our office at Veterans Memorial, C/O Southern Monument Studios, 404 N. Blvd. E. (Hwy 441), Leesburg, FL 34748 or just send a copy and your check for $35.00 to us in the mail. We will retain the copy for our records. DO NOT send the original.


Q What are your office hours?

A  We are open 5 days a week from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


Q  What do you mean by a legal resident?

A   Lake-Sumter-Marion Counties and The Villages is their permanent residence and they vote here.


Q  What do I need to prove the person is a legal resident?

A  A copy of their voting registration card.  Everyone that votes in Lake-Sumter-Marion Counties and The Villages has a voting registration card. If the veteran is deceased, this is not necessary but if possible we would like a death certificate or a note from you covering the information.


Q  I am a snow bird can I be on the wall?

A  Yes, if you are a permanent resident of Lake-Sumter-Marion Counties and The Villages but, NO if you are not a permanent resident. However you can be on a  Memorial Brick.


Q  Can I buy a brick even if the veterans name is on the wall?

A  Yes you may. It will hold 3 lines of information and 14 letters per line. The cost of a brick is $60.00.


Q  May I purchase a brick for an individual that is not a resident of Lake-Sumter-Marion Counties and The Villages?

A  Yes you may.


Q May I put any information I want on the brick?

A Yes as long it is approved by the Memorial Committee. May we suggest IN HONOR OF or IN MEMORY OF, etc.


Q  How do I sign up for a brick?

A  You may sign up for a brick in several ways. You can come to our office and we will help you fill out the brick form or you can go to our Web Site, On the main page click on the FORMS link and download a brick form. You can then print the brick form and mail it to us at the above address, include your check for $60.00. You can also give us a call with your name and address and we will mail you a brick form. 


Q  What will happen with the information we send you?

A   Your information is confidential and will be kept secured in our office.


Q  Will you sell or give this information to anyone else?

A   NO, it will never be given to anyone.





Q  Do you have a telephone number?

A  Yes, it is 352-314-2100


Q  Do you have a Web Site?

A  Yes, it is


Q  Do you have email?

A  Yes, our email address is


Q  Where is the office located?          
A Veterans Memorial, C/O Southern Monument Studios, 404 N. Blvd. E. (Hwy 441), Leesburg, FL 34748.


Q  What are your office hours?

A  We answer the telephone from 10 until 4, five days a week. Our answering machine will take your messages when we are out of the office day or night, we will contact you the next business day.  If you call during business hours and we are on another call you will automatically be switched to voice mail and we will call you back as soon as possible.


Q  Where is the Memorial to be located?

A  The Memorial has been completed and is located in Veterans Memorial Park. The park is located on Meadow Street between Orange Ave. and 3rd street. This is on the North side of downtown Leesburg, behind City Hall.


Q  How big is the Memorial?

A  It is 60 Feet in diameter and 7 feet high.  It is 2800 square feet of space bigger than most homes.


Q  How much does it weigh?

A  All of the granite walls and bricks weigh 195,000 pounds and that does not include the cement base.


Q  How much is it going to cost?

Our original goal was to raise $525,000.


Q  When will it be completed?

A  The Memorial was completed in the spring of 2012.


Q  Will there be a dedication service?

A  YES, it was dedicated on Armed Forces Day MAY 19, 2012 - We had several veteran organizations from the area participate in the activities.


Q  Will the Memorial be illuminated at night?

A  Yes.


Q  How many names can you get on the Memorial?

A  The memorial can accommodate approximately 30,000 names. As of 11/09/2019 we have 9124 names. The memorial will also have approximately 12,500 bricks and as of now have about 800 completed bricks.


Q  Will you continue to put names on the wall and bricks?

A  Yes, twice a year. We will put new names on the memorial just before Memorial Day in May and Veterans Day in November. 


Q  How will you be able to find a name on the Memorial?

A  We have a touch screen computer system that allows you to input a name and it will show you where your loved one is located on the Memorial. The information on the  computer screen will also have other info about the Veteran that we will take from the DD 214 info you send us.


Q  Will you have a security system?

A  Yes, the entire Memorial is under camera surveillance all the time.





Is the Veterans Memorial Incorporated?

A  Yes, it was incorporated in the State of Florida on July 9, 2008 as a non-profit Corporation.  Our State Document Number is N08000006460


Q  Are you authorized by the State to Solicit donations?

A  Yes, we are registered in the Division of Consumer Services under the State Statute  S.496.405 and our Ref. #CH26779.  A copy of this authorization is shown below.


Q  Are you a 501 (c) (3) corporation?

A  Yes, we received approval from the IRS on November 13, 2008. A copy of this authorization is  shown below.  


Q  Are any of your staff or volunteers paid?

A  No, no one including the officers or fund raisers are paid. In addition, none of the staff or volunteers are paid expenses.